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DG Technology works with the best in the industry to ensure our clients have access to leading-edge technologies.

As an Intel Security Platinum Partner, DG Technology has deep expertise in architecting, implementing and supporting integrated security solutions leveraging the Intel Security product portfolio.

Enabling mainframe users to collect application related events and metrics in real-time and get end-to-end visibility into their transactions as they hop from open systems web servers to the mainframe and back.


Delivers real-time access to every aspect of your business and operational performance, so you can anticipate problems, resolve them automatically, and make smarter, more certain business decisions.

Combining its industry leading secure email gateway with sophisticated dynamic malware analysis, real-time threat intelligence and automated threat response to enable organizations to more effectively detect and block targeted attacks.

Providing security solutions that recognizes typical customer behavior and better detect fraud. CA security offers a simple, seamless experience every time that allows your company to build trust and boost loyalty with security.

Offering transformative technologies - cloud, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), and others - through a unified, cloud-centric platform that safeguards users, networks and data while eliminating the inefficiencies involved in managing a collection of point security products. 

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