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Over the last decade or so, organizations have realized that the "old fashioned" mainframe CICS and database applications do not need to be ported to a distributed environment, but instead, the end-user experience needs to be modernized. So organizations are developing Windows .NET and Java applications to enhance the user interface, yet leverage the years of investment in the backend mainframe systems.

Historically, IT staff who took care of CICS, database, network and the operating systems would have two, three sometimes even four terminals on their desk so that they could monitor the health of each LPAR, CICS region, database instance, network traffic, DASD performance and so on.

In today's world, where applications are now initiated from a user's PC at home or some other location, they can make several hops to different application/database servers and then up to the mainframe for additional processing and this monitoring approach just isn't feasible anymore.

To address this issue, we are happy to announce that through the integration of our Mainframe Event Acquisition System™ (MEAS™) with AppDynamics, you now have visibility into your applications across both the open systems environment and the mainframe systems. No longer is the mainframe a “black hole” where you can't understand what is taking place.


How It Works

MEAS™ captures application performance related events and metrics on the mainframe within each LPAR. As these events and metrics are produced by the application, MEAS™ will acquire them and hand them off to the AppDynamics controller, providing you with the visibility into application performance as they execute on the mainframe platform. This mainframe related data is integrated with the data collected for that application in the open systems environments, to give you true end-to-end visibility into your critical applications.



  • z/OS CPU Utilization
  • z/OS Paging Rates
  • z/OS DASD I/O Rates
  • z/OS Network Rates
  • DB2 Throughput Rates
  • DB2 Overall Avg. Resp. Time
  • DB2 Maximum Response Time
  • CICS Throughput Rates
  • CICS Overall Avg. Resp. Time
  • CICS Maximum Response Time


  • Supports z/OS Operating Systems
    • z/OS V1.10 and above
    • DB2 z/OS V9 and above
    • CICS v4.2 and above
  • Supports Windows Operating Systems
    • Windows Vista (32 & 64 bit)
    • Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)

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