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Infographic: Three Essential Pillars of a Security Program

Deb Gannaway
by Deb Gannaway on May 10, 2017 11:44:00 AM

Today’s cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly changing. With IT budgets stretched to the limit and new threats emerging every day, it's essential for organizations to ground their technology use with security best practices.

DG Technology recommends implementing a "back-to-basics" cybersecurity program to mitigate common threats. Described in the infographic below, IT should focus on the three pillars of visibility, data protection and user management. This three-phase approach addresses many of the most common security concerns without the need to increase IT budgets or procure new, expensive security appliances.

Underpinning these three pillars should be a commitment to education. Users are on the front lines of the cybersecurity and teaching them the basics of security – from identifying potential threats to safe browsing techniques – can be an effective means of protecting critical data.

Get started implementing a back-to-basics cybersecurity program by contacting DG Technology.

DG TECH Back to Basics Infographic.png

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Deb Gannaway
Written by Deb Gannaway
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