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The Top Cloud Security Challenges Faced by IT Professionals

Travis Abrams
by Travis Abrams on Nov 3, 2016 11:01:00 AM
These are the common cloud security challenges IT professionals are facing in 2016.

Security-as-a-Service provides IT security professionals with multiple options to safeguard critical data, detect breaches, and deploy 03B33704-114181-edited.jpgcorrective solutions. With SaaS and IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) solutions being deployed across a organizations of all sizes, the adoption of Security-as-a-Service still faces challenges. These are some common questions and challenges faced by IT security professionals that still may be hesitant about adopting a cloud-based security platform.

The Cloud is Still Unknown
IT security professionals want a transparent cloud security provider. The biggest adoption challenge relates to IT security professionals not understanding how cloud providers actually keep data centers secure. IT senior management wants more transparency from cloud service providers so they can make better informed choices about how to procure the best security resources with budget constraints.

Management is Unsure - and Worried - About the Public Cloud
IT security professionals find that less than half of senior IT management understand public cloud risks. C-Suite executives, who are responsible for developing cloud budgets, have even less of an understanding of public cloud security.

The Cloud is Not Being Secured
The cloud isn’t being secured. 43% of IT security professionals do not use encryption or anti-malware in their private cloud servers. 38% utilize IaaS (infrastructure as service) without encryption or anti-malware. 40% do not institute a DLP (data loss prevention) program with files located on SaaS architecture.  

Security-as-a-Service is a Top Investment Priority
Despite challenges in full or hybrid cloud security adoption, 78% of IT managers plan on investing in Security-as-a-Service. Only 35% of IT departments are employing an integrated security solution. This number will increase as budget allocation changes.

Other Difficulties
The SANS survey reports that IT security professionals are having difficulties in other areas of cloud adoption. The top categories are: 
  • Difficulty migrating services or data (27%)
  • High costs and fees / poor value (25%)
  • Lack of visibility into cloud provider operations (25%)
  • Visibility into security incidents (23%)

The Private Cloud is the Favorite

While only 13% of IT senior management trust the public cloud, 37% completely trust  private cloud. For enterprise and large-sized organizations, a private cloud solution will be favored by IT professionals who need to also worry about being compliant with various legislation. Public cloud solutions, which may be more flexible for small to mid-size organizations, will likely need a stronger business case.
Adopting a Security-as-a-Service Cloud Solution
Securing data and operations in the cloud is the number priority for IT professionals, management, and C-Suite executives. Whether you need a private, hybrid, or public cloud solution, DG Technology can assist you in making the best choice for your business. Through our robust solutions options, we can create a functional cloud security operation that can quickly scale in response to mounting cyber security threats.

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Travis Abrams
Written by Travis Abrams
Results-driven, information security professional with a proven record of success in researching, planning and implementing innovative technical solutions that meet business needs while managing risk. Specialties: Intrusion Prevention and Detection, Data Loss Prevention, Vulnerability Management, Malware (APT) defense and Security Program Development. CISSP CISM
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