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DG Technology and Intel Security have partnered to provide a Network Security Health Check to help identify advanced persistent network threats and advanced evasion techniques with your network.

A health check often reveals “quick wins” that reduce the attack surface and catch some never-before-seen payloads and techniques

For a limited time, your organization can take advantage of a free network assessment that provides visibility into your network. The report is performed unobtrusively to your network and passively analyzes network activity and events. 

Our Security Health Check offers a comprehensive report that identifies:

  • Bandwidth utilization by web 2.0 applications. 
  • Identification of potentially risky applications and anonymizers.
  • Malware downloads, malicious sites and bot-net activity
  • Vulnerability exploits (IPS) and Advance Evasion Techniques 
  • A review and any remediation recommendations will be provided at the conclusion of the report.

The IT infrastructure is under constant attack from a variety of players, from mischief makers to nation states and everyone in between. The cybercrime environment is most interested in committing financial fraud, data theft, corporate espionage, and disruption or destruction of infrastructure and processes.

Enterprises and organizations are engaged in a constant arms race with the attacking elements, and generally the perception is that the offense is winning.

Charles Kolodgy

Research Vice President, Security Products | IDC